Commercial Architecture

Design, renovation, and arrangement of commercial spaces

In a space dedicated to professional activity, ergonomics, comfort, and circulation are essential. As an agency specializing in retail design and commercial architecture, our role is to balance these constraints while optimizing the sales area.

We offer arrangements that reflect the values and image of your business. The atmospheres we create highlight the services and products of your establishment.

Commercial layout: a way to evoke emotions and memorable experiences for customers

The layout and decoration of retail and workspace areas are crucial elements in attracting and retaining an increasingly demanding customer base. Beyond the service and product offered, discovering a unique environment plays an equally important role in the decision-making process.

Decoration, lighting, and layout add value that confirms the customer’s choice and transforms their purchase into a pleasant experience.

Our way of working

Feasibility study

From the beginning of each project, our team, composed of architects, construction economists, and building professionals, carries out feasibility studies, obtains the necessary permits, and ensures the viability and financial adequacy of the project within the client’s budget.

Defining the concept of your commercial premises

In collaboration with you, we will develop the narrative by drawing inspiration from your service offerings, products, values, and expectations in order to meet the experiential expectations of your customers or employees.

Design and plan

Like a conductor, we harmonize your inspirations while taking your constraints into account.

Project owner’s assistance

To ensure peace of mind, you can opt for our “turnkey” renovation formula. Our team will take care of all stages of the construction process, from construction economics and site supervision, to the removal of deficiencies or reserves.

Layout and design of your commercial space

Beyond trendy decoration, we redefine spaces and rethink the layout of the establishment to make it more fluid, using furniture and lighting that is adapted to the space.

Support for promoting your establishment

Once your concept is designed and implemented, our digital communication agency can support you in promoting your establishment and managing your online community. Stay connected with your customers through social media and a personalized website.

Our recent projects


Our agency had the pleasure of decorating this 600m² villa near Geneva, in line with the owners’ goal of creating a calming and spacious interior ambiance.


Our team meticulously designed and planned the new bathroom, taking into account the needs and preferences of the occupants. We chose quality materials, calming colors, and high-end finishes to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

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