Interior architecture

Interior architecture firm in Lausanne

Rethinking and decorating a house or apartment mainly involves taking into account the space, circulation, light, and lifestyle of its inhabitants. Our interior architecture agency leverages its expertise to redefine volumes and create unique and personalized atmospheres.

Drawing on its experience in renovating luxury hotels, our agency specializes in residential interior architecture, expansion, and decoration projects, including houses, luxury villas, and individual apartments.

An interior design that enhances your construction, rehabilitation, and renovation projects

Harmo Design agency offers its creativity and expertise in interior design and decoration services for individuals and real estate developers.

We examine your renovation, rehabilitation, and construction projects in detail to design the optimal layout for your space. We not only bring innovative interior design to life, but we also participate in enhancing your living environment by selecting elegant and refined colors and materials that showcase the art of living.

Our way of working

Feasibility study

At the beginning of each project, our team, which includes architects, construction economists, and building professionals, conducts feasibility studies, obtains the necessary permits, and ensures the viability and financial suitability of the project within the client’s budget

Defining the ambiance of your home

In collaboration with you, we will build the narrative by drawing inspiration from your expectations and aspirations, in order to design the living space that you have always dreamed of

Design and plan

Like a conductor, we harmonize your inspirations while taking into account your constraints

Owner’s project management assistance

To provide you with peace of mind, you can opt for our turnkey renovation package. Our team will take care of all the stages of the project, from construction economics and site monitoring to completion and final inspection

Layout and design of your house, apartment

Beyond trendy decoration, we redefine spaces and rethink the layout of your home to make it more fluid, functional, and tailored to your needs

Nos projets récents

Decoration & Renovation

Our agency had the pleasure of decorating this 600 sqm villa near Geneva, in accordance with the owners’ goal of creating a serene and spacious interior ambiance.


Our team carefully designed and planned the new bathroom, taking into account the needs and preferences of the occupants. We selected high-quality materials, soothing colors, and luxurious finishes to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere.


Our team worked closely with the owners to design a custom interior that combined comfort and aesthetics. The interior design was complemented by a carefully selected range of furniture that blended seamlessly with the overall design of the apartment.

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